STYLE      10.12.22

AN ODE TO the force attitude



When Slam Jam’s founder, Luca Benini, first travelled from Milan to NYC in the mid-1980s, he was instantly inspired by how the two cities share the same energy yet offered opposing expressions, expressions that if combined offered something unexpected - this juxtopositon made way for Slam Jam. Like a metaphoric travel from NYC to Milan celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Air Force 1, Nike partnered with Slam Jam to reimagine this Nike icon showcasing the diverse characteristics and energies that shape our world.

The Slam Jam x Nike AF1 design, embodies the social, cultural, and architectural landscape of both vibrant melting posts in NYC and Milan with different but complementary elements that's naturally meant to be, just like us, the people.

— "We connect with our global community and constantly observe how subcultures
adapt to the changing urban environment"
Luca Benini

Partnering with Slam Jam, this crafted take on the AF1 has the Italian institution seal of approval (it's stamped right into the perf pattern on the toe). The premium leather, softened to perfection, features natural variations that make each pair unique, while subtle suede detailing on the heel and Swoosh keeps you looking smart. Extra eyelets and doubled laces let you mix up your style. And that upside down "NIKE AIR" hones your look to irreverent perfection, an ode to the "so different, so similar" concept conceived by Slam Jam.

The Nike x Slam Jam AF1 features details that express the Slam Jam outlier attitude, resulting in two elevated interpretations of the classic AF1 triple white and triple black tone.

For Slam’ Jam’s founder, Luca Benini, “We aim to provide platforms and canvases for self-expression that help shape an collective identity” – Alongside the launch of the Nike X Slam Jam AF1, the inspiration behind the design is coming to life under the artistic direction of the American artist Julian Klincewicz celebrating the story and vibrant city of Milan with a short movie, along with a series of impactful portraits approaching the current cultural status of the city – An ode to the Join Forces attitude.

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Slam Jam Air Force 1 Low SP Sneakers White Nike
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